Tom Smith, Playwright

Workshops I Have Taught

“Breaking Out of Development Hell” (90-minute session)

“Character” (2 60-minute sessions)

“Copyright and Adaptations” (1 90-minute session and 2 90-minute sessions)

“How a Director will Interpret your Work” (75-minute session)

“How Do I Get My Play Produced” (60-minute session and 2 75-minute sessions)

“I’ve Written It: Now What?” (3 75-minute sessions)

“Marketing Yourself” (2 90-minute sessions)

“Playwriting Basics” (various lengths and number of sessions)

“Playwriting for Beginners” (8 60-minute sessions)

“Plot” (2 60-minute sessions)

“The 7 Lines that will Change your Writing” (75-minute session)

“Varying Your Characters Voices” (2 75-minute sessions)

“Writing for the Market” (2 60-minute sessions)

Teaching and Mentoring

In addition to being a playwright and director, I am also a professor of Theatre at Pacific Lutheran University with years of experience teaching and conducting workshops and master-classes in playwriting.  I have taught semester-long courses in Playwriting I (elements, form, submissions and 10-minute plays); Playwriting II (advanced study of plot, characters and theme and full-length work); and Playwriting III (adapting, writing non-realism, development).  I have also taught long-term workshops (weekly for 12-16 weeks) and short-term workshops (1-8 sessions).  My workshops have been for audiences from middle school to adults, and I am always very interested in conducting workshops or master-classes for students and communities.  Additionally, I offer one-on-one mentoring and script reviewing for playwrights just looking for a helpful voice to aid in a play's development.  Contact me if you are interested in discussing ways in which I can help you or your organization!